Siguro Essentials VBR28300, 28 × 300cm, 2 pcs

Vacuuming food brings many benefits—not only does food retain its taste and aroma, but  it also extends its shelf life. You can use Siguro Essentials VBR28300 film with vacuum cleaners from many different brands and the package contains 3 rolls. 

About product

Siguro Essentials has a special 3D structure that facilitates air extraction. The film is made of BPA free material, so it does not contain harmful Bisphenol A. The material is ultra-strong and tear-resistant. 


Suitable for sous-vide

Microwave Safe

Safe for heating food in the microwave (3 min/70°C)


Ideal for long-term frozen foods

BPA free

Made of harmless BPA free material


300 cm
28 cm

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BPA free, For cooking, Microwave safe, 3D structure, Freezable

Temperature Resistance
Max temp
100 °C
Min temp
-20 °C

Number of pieces in package
Number of pieces in package
2 ks

Put it in the fridge, freezer or even the microwave

Thanks to the durable design, you can freeze vacuumed food or even heat it in a microwave oven. Siguro Essentials film is suitable for temperatures from -20 to 110°C. 

Also suitable for cooking

You can also use Siguro Essentials VBR28300 vacuum film for sous-vide cooking without any worries. 


Ensures longer shelf life of food

3D structure for easy air extraction

Suitable for microwave oven, freezer and Sous-vide cooking

Made of BPA free material


Dimensions: 28 × 300cm

For temperatures:  -20 to 110°C

Number of rolls in the package:  3

Hodnocení Siguro Essentials VBR28300, 28 × 300cm, 2 pcs