Siguro FC-C35 Velvet Wind White

As you can use the Siguro FC-C35 Velvet Wind for horizontal oscillation or to humidify and purify air, it is the ideal companion for hot summer days. The Siguro FC-C35 is designed for rooms up to 20 m². Unlike most mobile air conditioning units, Velvet Wind does not require any heat dissipation, such as a drainpipe going out of a window. The package also includes extra-efficient cooling pads. 

About product

The cooler offers a total of three speeds and modes, including a night mode for ultra-quiet use. You can easily switch between speeds and modes using the buttons directly on the device or with the remote control, which comes supplied with a CR2032 battery. There is also a 1, 2 or 4-hour timer.

Practical timer

Automatic hassle-free operation

Remote control

Gives you convenient control of all functions


The package includes a battery for the remote 

Three Modes

Easy selection from three effective modes

Three speeds

Adjustable intensity in three levels

Safe Product

The cooler is thoroughly tested and extremely safe to use

Efficient cooling

Cools a large room quickly and quietly

Slot for the Remote

You can store the remote directly on the cooler's body


Basic information
Power consumption
60 W
Number of speeds
Horizontal oscillation, Oscillation, Timer, Remote control, Adjustable tilt angle, Humidifier, Protection against overheating, Vertical oscillation, Automatic horizontal rotation, Cooler


Number of speeds
Power consumption
60 W
Minimum Noise
38 dB
Minimum height
69 cm
Maximum loudness
57 dB
With Wheels, Controller storage compartment
Cooler, Humidifier, Oscillation
Max. height
69 cm
Package contents
Remote control
Blade diameter
30 cm
Water tank volume
6 l

Product dimensions and weight
38.5 cm
69 cm
30 cm
7.3 kg

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Maximum loudness
57 dB

Three ventilation mode

The Siguro FC-C35 Velvet Wind features three ventilation modes for day and night use:

Normal - the device runs according to the current setting and at a constant speed
Natural - the motor operates automatically in alternating high, medium and low speed cycles
Night- ideal programme for night operation, can be set in three speeds

Efficient cooling

For more efficient cooling, you can fill the 6-litre tank with water or ice and use the two cooling pads that are included in the package. The Siguro FC-C35 also benefits from a water level indicator plus automatic shutdown in case of water shortage. 

Cleans as It Cools

The Siguro FC-C35 Velvet Wind is equipped with a large (> 627cm²) and powerful water microfilter that purifies the air in your room by capturing small particles from the air. What's more, it allows the fan to produce natural non-dried air like conventional air conditioners. This makes the fan a great solution for households with allergy sufferers.


It works as a fan, cooler, humidifier and air purifier

Three speeds and ventilation modes

Large and powerful water microfilter

Horizontal oscillation

1-4 hour timer

Remote control supplied with a CR2032 battery

Two cooling pads included in the package

360° oscillation


Output power: 60W

Noise: 43-57dB

Number of speeds: 3

Fan diameter: 32cm

Maximum airflow speed: 2100rpm

Tank capacity: 6 litres

Cable length: 1.8m

Dimensions: 74 × 33.2 × 44cm

Weight: 7.3kg

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