Siguro SC-S45 Smart Body Coach Black

With the Siguro SC-S45 Smart Body Coach personal diagnostic scale, you get a comprehensive overview of your body's condition. Use it in combination with the mobile app to measure a total of 15 body characteristics, including body fat, muscle mass, water percentage and many more. This smart digital scale will catch your eye at first glance with its high-end design featuring a glass weighing surface, making it perfect for any room and easy to clean. The load capacity of the scale is 180kg with an accuracy of 100g. It is up to you whether to weigh yourself in grams or pounds.

About product

The Siguro SC-S45 Smart Body Coach personal scale is the perfect addition to any home. With a weighing surface made from 6mm thick glass, you can count on its extended durability. A clear display with large white LED digits ensures perfect readability—even in the dark. Thanks to an electrically conductive ITO layer, which acts as an electrode, you can be sure of pinpoint readings of all data.

Solid Load Capacity

The scale boasts a load capacity of
up to 180kg

Maximum Precision

Weighs with absolute precision
within 100 grams

Backlit Display

Clear display glows brightly for excellent readability

Thin Design

Easy-on-the-eye compact dimensions with a height of just 23mm

Perfect Overview

Track up to 15 different body indicators

Mobile App

Automatic synchronisation with the TUYA mobile app

Set Targets

Helps you improve your physical condition

Durable Design

6mm weighing surface


Automatic on and off switch, Mobile application, User recognition, Water percentage measurement, Body fat percentage measurement, Data storage option, Basal metabolic rate measurement, Bone tissue measurement, Muscle percentage measurement
Measurement accuracy
100 g
180 kg
non-slip feet, Overload indicator, Battery capacity indicator, Backlit display
Weight type
Digital diagnostic (with functions)

Black, Black

Plate material

Battery type

Compatible OS
OS compatibility
iOS, Android

The Siguro SC-S45 Smart Body Coach Impresses not Only with Its Design but also with its Outstanding Features

You can connect and synchronise the Siguro SC-S45 Smart Body Coach with the TUYA mobile app (Android and iOS) via Bluetooth to track up to 15 different body indicators in clear, comprehensive graphs that help you assess your overall fitness. Use the app, and track your progress in detail in order to achieve your goals. What's more, you can easily share data via the mobile app.

Up to 12 Users Can Use the Scale and Store Data

In addition to conventional values such as measuring body fat, water content and muscle mass percentage, the scale can also measure the weight of the bones in your body, calculate BMR (basal metabolic rate) and AMR (active metabolic rate)—the amount of energy the body uses in an active state in one day. The Siguro SC-S45 Smart Body Coach diagnostic scale has memory for up to 12 users and can even intelligently recognise each one.

Smart Features, Including Automatic On/Off

The Siguro SC-S45 Smart Body Coach personal scale has an automatic on/off switch—just stand on the scale and wait for the result. When weighing is finished, the scale automatically switches off again, saving batteries and leaving you with nothing to worry about. Siguro SC-S45 Smart Body Coach is powered by four AAA batteries, which are included in the package. Built-in indicators warn you if the battery capacity is low or if the scale is overloaded.


Glass weighing surface blends seamlessly into any room and is easy to clean

White LED numerals with a height of 27.5mm guarantee excellent readability in any light

ITO conductive surface ensures precise measurements

Strong and damage-resistant weighing surface

Automatic on/off

Automatic synchronisation with iOS/Android TUYA app

Measures up to 15 body statistics

Memory for up to 12 users with automatic recognition

Data Sharing

Clear charts and data storage


Load capacity: 180kg

Accuracy: 100g

Weighing area: 6mm thick glass

Display: LED, height: 27.5 mm

Power supply: 4× AAA batteries (included in the package)

Dimensions: 280 × 280 × 23mm

Units: kg/lb

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