Siguro SK-X003 Replacement head for SGR-SK-R540W

Need replacement heads for the Siguro SK-R540W Pure Beauty Professional Cordless Cleansing Kit? In this pack you will find a total of three interchangeable heads for daily, deep and soothing cleansing of the skin.

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Package contents
Number of attachments
3 ks
Package contents

Mechanic, Brush

Adapter material

Skin cleansing

Power supply
Type of power source
Without a power supply

Three attachments for perfect skin treatment

Everyday cleansing brush - for cleansing the skin and neck, equipped with 25,000 fine bristles with a diameter of 0.055 mm and suitable for normal, dry and sensitive skin
Deep Cleansing Brush - has 25,000 soft bristles with a diameter of 0.07mm made of bamboo charcoal to help deep cleanse the skin and is suitable for normal to oily skin
Silicone Cleansing Brush - soft and skin-friendly brush made of food-grade silicone, gently cleanses and soothes the skin, ideal for normal to dry skin

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