Here you will find a complete range of equipment, from small helpers to the most important appliances that no kitchen can do without.

Most popular products

Kitchen and Siguro

Larger and small appliances

With Siguro products, you can cook in every way. A part from gas and electric cookers and hobs, you can choose from a range of smaller appliances - rice cookers, electric pots, microwaves and deep fryers. Economical fridges or freezers can be used to preserve fresh food and cooked delicacy, and we can also help with sous-vide cooking or vacuum cooking.

For the table and sideboard

In addition to appliances, you will also find an ever-expanding range of cookware and accessories for preparing and serving food. You can buy cutlery, trays, kitchen knives, chopping boards, spice jars or glasses for various types of drinks. There are also sets of pots to choose from, whether you prefer stainless steel or solid cast iron. All in a tasteful, simple design and made from premium materials.

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