Siguro AF-P250B Vita Fry

What can you do when you want to eat healthily but can't give up your favourite fried treats? There's nothing easier than getting the Siguro AF-P25 Vita Fry. This hot air fryer allows you to fry with minimal oil and prepare a healthy alternative to your favourite fried foods. The spacious frying basket makes it easy to prepare tasty but healthy meals for a large family or group of friends. What's more, the stylish matte finish guarantees that the Siguro hot air fryer fits perfectly into any modern kitchen. 

About product

Even though you prepare food in the Siguro AF-P25 Vita Fry using minimal oil, the results are delicious, great looking and healthy—without unnecessary calories or fat. The deep fryer is the perfect addition to any home—it can take on the function of several appliances and prepare crispy chips, wings, steak, seafood, fish and much more.

Frying with minimum oil

Healthy fried food with minimum oil

8 preset programmes

Cook your favourite foods with one touch

Dual Cyclone Technology

Two air jets for faster preparation

Easy cleaning

Dishwasher safe frying basket and container


Dimensions and weight
30.8 cm
4.2 kg
27 cm
37 cm

Minimum temperature
80 °C
Number of fryers
Removable container
Display, Dishwasher safe, Overheat protection, Non-stick surface
Maximum temperature
200 °C
Number of programs
Power consumption
1500 W


Temperature regulation, Timer, Automatic shutdown, Automatic programs

Type of frying
Type of frying
Hot air

3.5 l

Dual Cyclone Technology Delivers Perfect Browning

Frying in the Siguro AF-P25 Vita Fry saves a lot of kitchen space, energy and, above all, time. Thanks to the special Dual Cyclone technology, the fryer produces two streams of hot air that allow for much faster cooking. Even better, the air circulates in two streams to ensure that food is cooked evenly, so it not only looks great but tastes great too—and all with the minimum amount of oil.

Simple Touch Control

The Siguro AF-P25 Vita Fry features an information display and intuitive backlit touch controls. Practical pictograms on the top of the deep fryer serve as a guide for easy preparation of various dishes. This makes it easy to find the time and temperature you need to optimally prepare your chosen food.

Cook with One Touch Using Prest Programmes

For even more convenience, the Siguro AF-P25 Vita Fry has a total of 8 preset programmes— defrosting, chips, wings, steak, seafood, fish, baking and drying—all of which you can activate with just one touch. The AF-P25 Vita Fry can fry at temperatures from 80 to 200°C. There is also a timer and automatic shutdown. You will also welcome the cool-touch handle and thermal safety lock that ensure absolutely safe cooking. 

Frying Without Unpleasant Odours

The Siguro AF-P25 Vita Fry is equipped with a 3.5-litre frying basket. Any excess oil or fat drips into a 4.5-litre removable container, which is very easy to clean thanks to its non-stick surface. What's more, your food will always stay perfectly crispy. You can conveniently clean both the frying basket and the removable container in your dishwasher. 


Healthy frying with minimal oil

Dualcyclone technology creates two streams of hot air for faster cooking and better browning

Non-stick 4.7-litre container, 3.5-litre removable frying basket

Both the frying basket and removable container are dishwasher safe

8 preset programmes for defrosting, chips, wings, steak, seafood, fish, baking, drying

Designer matte look

Cold-touch handle

Simple control via the digital panel


Temperature range: 80-200°C 

Automatic shutdown: yes

Power cable length:  80cm

Space for cable storage: yes

Thermal safety fuse: yes

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