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Would you like to improve the air in your home, or do you have an allergy sufferer at home? In that case, there is nothing better than getting a top-quality air purifier. With its advanced filtration system and UV light, the Siguro AP-K50 Air Master air purifier effectively removes dust, bacteria, microbes, dust mites, pollen, allergens and other harmful substances commonly found in the air. This prevents many respiratory problems, allergies and other diseases. The Siguro AP-K50 Air Master Air Purifier is a great choice not only for the home but it can also be used in the office or health and education facilities without any problems.

About product

The Siguro AP-K50 Air Master air purifier is perfect for all rooms up to 57 m². The CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) value (the time it takes for the purifier to clean a given space of unwanted substances) reaches up to 490m3/h. As the noise level does not exceed 30.5dB—less than a standard refrigerator—you can use the Siguro air purifier anywhere, and it won't disturb you.


Easy operation and provides a perfect overview


Multilayer HEPA 13 filter captures up to 99.95% of impurities

Low noise level

With a noise level of just 30.5dB, you can sleep soundly

Carbon Filter

For more efficient air purification

UV Lamp

Removes odours from the air (cigarette smoke, mould, etc.)

100% Cu

Motor made of 100% copper without impurities

Smartphone App

Control the purifier conveniently from your phone or tablet


Control type
Mobile application
Power consumption
50 W
Air quality, Filter change
Remote control, UV sterilisation lamp, Digital control panel, Dust sensor, Display, Washable filter, Touch panel
Minimum noise level
30.5 dB(A)
Maximum noise level
60 dB(A)
Air power
490 m3/h
Suitable for allergy sufferers, Smart
Cable length
150 cm
Recommended room size
57 m2

3D model + AR model in iOS app, 3D model + AR model in Android app

Dimensions and weight
24.7 cm
52 cm
24.7 cm

Automatic mode, Power regulation, Air ioniser, Turbo mode, Adjustable lighting, Night mode

Compatible app

Filter Type
HEPA, Dust, UV light, Particulate filter, Carbon
Number of filters
Filter captures
Toxic substances, Microorganisms , Solid contaminants

Power outlet type
Austria, Germany, France, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Russia, Croatia, Czechia

Siguro AP-K50 Air Master Purifier Gets Rid of Dirt and Unpleasant Odours

In addition to its whisper-quiet operation, the air purifier features a high-quality filtration system, including HEPA 13 and carbon filters. This combination captures up to 99.95% of particles measuring from 0.1-0.3 micrometres, meaning that for every 10000 bacteria-sized particles, the device only lets in five. The UV lamp produces ultraviolet radiation with a wavelength of 265-285nm. It breaks the DNA bonds of bacteria to purify the air and remove cigarette smoke, mould and other unwanted odours.

Ideal for Continuous Operation During the Day and at Night

You will undoubtedly appreciate Siguro AP-K50 Air Master's ionisation mode that increases the efficiency of air purification by creating negative ions that attach to unwanted particles in the air. There is also night mode for ultra-quiet operation—the purifier operates at the lowest possible ventilation speed with all light and sound alerts switched off, so you can enjoy an undisturbed night's sleep in a healthy environment.

Automatic Mode

The Siguro AP-K50 Air Master air purifier features a practical sensor for detecting air quality. This means that the unit runs in fully automatic mode and can automatically increase its output when poorer air quality is detected and vice versa. Just select automatic mode and leave everything to the air purifier. You can tell what the current air quality in the room is simply by looking at the indicator light on the control panel—green (excellent quality), blue (good), yellow (average) and red (poor).

Smartphone App Control

Siguro AP-K50 Air Master has a handy one to twelve-hour timer. You can also set the fan speed at three levels. You can control the air purifier using the touch control panel with a backlit display directly on the body of the device or via the TUYA smartphone app that gives you total control of the device from anywhere.


Automatic and night modes, plus ionisation and UV modes for even greater effect

Air quality sensor with light signal

Whisper-quiet operation - the cleaner can operate at only 30.5dB

Captures up to 99.95% of particles 0.1-0.3 micrometres in size

UV lamp for odour elimination

1-12 hour timer

Intuitive controls with backlit display

Can be controlled via the TUYA mobile app

100% copper motor with no impurities that would reduce its efficiency and quality

Can operate even at -10°C


CADR: 490m3/h

Recommended room size: up to 57m²

Filters: Mesh PP, HEPA 13, carbon and UV

UV light wavelength: 265-285nm

Noise: 30.5-60dB

Power: 50 W

Dimensions: 52 × 24.7 × 24.7cm

Weight: 4.3kg

Cable length: 150cm

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