Siguro Essentials CB4060, 40 × 60 cm, 2 pcs

Siguro Essentials CB4060 vacuum bags are practical helpers in every household. You can use them to save space, ensures order and protect your belongings against dust and mites. This package contains two bags. 

About product

After you have extracted the air, each Siguro Essentials bag CB4060 will save you up to 80% of space. Bulky seasonal clothes, bedding, plush toys and many other things become so easy to store and organise. 

Clothing Protection

The vacuum bag protects your clothing against dust and mites

Space Savings

Extracting the air saves up to 80% of space

BPA Free

Made from harmless BPA free material


There are two pieces in the package


60 cm
40 cm

Odsátí vzduchu pomocí
Odsávacího ventilu

Počet pytlů v balení
2 ks

Reliable closure

The airtight closure of the bag protects stored items from mites and moths. Fastening is simple and holds very firmly.

Smart storage without air

Excess air is extracted from the Siguro bag using a vacuum cleaner or pump. A small but reliable non-return suction valve is used for this.


Protects against dust and mites

Saves wardrobe space

A non-return valve sucks out the air

Made of durable material


Dimensions: 40 × 60cm

Valve diameter: 25mm

Space-saving: 80%

Number of bags in the package: 2

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