Siguro MO-B150B Cook

If you are setting up a new kitchen or looking for a replacement for an old built-in microwave.You should certainly not miss Siguro appliances, which stand out for their quality, excellent equipment, reliability and, last but not least, their affordable price.With an internal volume of 20 litres, the Siguro MO-B150B Cook built-in microwave oven is the perfect choice for any kitchen.In addition to standard microwave heating, this microwave oven offers 8 automatic programmes, a defrost function and much more.Its elegant acrylic surface makes it ideal for any modern kitchen.

About product

The Siguro MO-B150B Cook has a microwave heating power of 700 W and thanks to the advanced system, microwaves are evenly distributed inside the oven - so every dish will be perfectly heated.You'll appreciate the interior lighting and the diameter of the glass turntable is 24.5 cm, which is a sufficient size for most plates.

Volume 20 litres

The microwave oven fits all commonly used plates

LED display

Keep a perfect overview of the time remaining until the end of the heating process

Sound signal

You will be alerted to the end of heating by an audible signal


Food will not lose its flavour, aroma or nutrients

Fast heating

Heating with 100% power after
for 30 seconds


Set the heating time up to 95 minutes

Child lock

Prevents tampering with microwave oven settings

Easy maintenance

Carefully selected materials make cleaning easier


Microwave dimensions
Outter width
59.5 cm
External depth
31.5 cm
External height
38.2 cm
Inner depth
29.7 cm
Inner width
31.5 cm
Inner height
19.8 cm

Microwave functions and control
3D microwave distribution, Special interior finish, Timer, Automatic programs, Child safety lock

Microwave design
Internal volume
20 l
Turntable diameter
24.5 cm
Internal capacity
20 to 24 l
Opening door

Microwave accessories

Power outlet type
Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czechia

3D model + AR model in Android app, 3D model + AR model in iOS app


Microwave performance characteristics
Number of power levels
Power consumption
1200 W
Microwave heating performance
700 W

Siguro MO-B150B Cook prepares meals for you

A great benefit of this microwave oven is the total of 8 preset automatic programmes for preparing the most commonly used types of food.Simply select your desired program and start it, no need to set the preparation time or power.You will have programs to prepare ndrinks, rtCrops, Nofresh vegetables, fish, side dishes and there is also an automatic heating function.

Simple operation and practical features

The Siguro MO-B150B Cook will also appeal to you with its simple, intuitive operation in the form of touch-sensitive buttons and an easy-to-read LED information display - so everyone can easily operate this built-in microwave oven.An acoustic signal alerts you when the heating is finished.

The Siguro MO-B150B Cook built-in microwave oven offers a defrost function or rapid heating

There is also a child safety lock, a quick heat function (100% power for 30 seconds) or a timer for up to 95 minutes.Defrosting should also be an essential part of every microwave oven.This is no different in the case of the Siguro MO-B150B Cook.With this function, you can gently defrost any food without losing its flavour, aroma and nutrients.


Volume 20 litres

8 automatic programs

Rapid heating - 100% power for 30 seconds

Minute function and child lock

Audible signal after the end of heating

Even distribution of microwaves

Indoor lighting

Diameter of the turntable 24,5 cm

Energy saving ECO mode

Elegant acrylic surface


Total power consumption: 1,200 W

Microwave heating power: 700 W

Timer: for 95 minutes

Volume: 20 litres

Number of programs: 8

Turntable diameter: 24,5 cm

External dimensions: 595 × 315 × 382 mm

Internal dimensions: 315 × 198 × 297 mm

Opening for installation: 600 × 362 × 300 mm (from the floor min. 850 mm)

Weight: 12,5 kg

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