Siguro SGR-SK-A010W

Have you bought a Siguro dryer and would you like to save space in your bathroom and make your daily laundry care more pleasant? In this case, you will need the Siguro SGR-SK-A010W spacer, which allows you to easily place the dryer on the washing machine. A nice bonus is the pull-out shelf.

About product

The Siguro SGR-SK-A010W is made to fit Siguro dryers and is compatible with the vast majority of pre-filled washers on the market. Detailed installation instructions are included in the package to get the spacer up and running in minutes. In the package you will also find anchoring material for the wall.

Saves space

Place the dryer on top of the washing machine to save space

Quality workmanship

The spacer is made of very durable material

Pull-out shelf

Includes a very practical pull-out shelf with a load capacity of 15 kg

High load capacity

Total load capacity of the spacer
is 250 kg


Dimensions and Load Capacity
Load capacity
250 kg
4 cm
60 cm
55 cm

Washing machine/dryer dimensions
Max. washing machine / dryer depth
63.2 cm
Min. washing machine / dryer depth
49.7 cm

Pull-out shelf / drawer load capacity
15 kg
Pull-out shelf

The Siguro SGR-SK-A010W is not only space-saving, but also practical

Everyone will be delighted by the practical pull-out, which serves as a shelf where you can store your laundry basket. The pull-out shelf has a load capacity of 15 kg.

High quality and durable design

The Siguro SGR-SK-A010W is made of robust material and has a total load capacity of up to 250 kg. Thanks to precise processing and a solid structure, maximum stability and long service life are guaranteed.


Intermediate for Siguro dryers

Can be used with most pre-filled washing machines on the market

Practical pull-out shelf

Very high quality design

Easy installation

Anchor material included


Dimensions: 55 × 60 × 4 cm

Total load capacity: 250 kg

Shelf load capacity: 15 kg

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