Siguro SO-S350 Glass-Ceramic Stove Inox

If you are designing a new kitchen or looking for a replacement for your old cooker, Siguro appliances should definitely not escape your attention. The Siguro SO-S350 Glass-Ceramic Stove Inox offers everything you need for everyday cooking. Even better, it is exceptionally economical to run, equipped with practical functions and, last but not least, boasts an attractive combination of stainless steel and black, making it an unmissable addition to any kitchen.

About product

The Siguro SO-S350 Glass-Ceramic Stove Inox is equipped with a glass-ceramic hob with four circular hotplates. The power of individual hobs can be infinitely adjusted by turning the knobs on the front of the cooker. There's also a residual heat indicator light right on the cooktop that lets you know when the hob is still hot, so you don't have to worry about accidentally burning yourself.

11 programmes

Enjoy maximum cooking comfort

65-litre volume

Large enough space for perfect baking result

Modern design

Stainless-steel design, including the frame around the cooktop

Easy cleaning

The cooker is easy to keep perfectly clean


60 cm
50 cm
85 cm

Door glass
Oven programs
Lower heating, Quick preheat, Static baking, True hot air, Upper heating, Defrosting, Ventilator, Grill
Heating element
Oven features
Display, Baking guide, Timer

Hob type
Glass ceramics
Oven type
Stove type

Hob controls
Rotary knobs
Hob features
Display, Timer
Hob characteristics
Residual heat indicator


400 V
Number of hotplates
Oven cleaning
Network cable
Oven volume
65 l
Power consumption
9.5 kW

Energy class
Energy efficiency class
Energy consumption per cycle (fan - hot air)
0.78 kWh
Energy consumption per cycle (static baking)
0.99 kWh

Number of grates per pack
Number of sheets per pack

Stainless steel, Black

11 Baking Programmes

The 65-litre oven offers a total of 11 cooking modes, including grill, bottom heating, fan, defrost, static baking, circular heating, hot air and top heating. The Siguro SO-S350 Glass-Ceramic Stove Inox also offers a quick preheat function, which heats the oven to 150°C in just 4 minutes. The guide on the inside of the door makes food preparation easy. It tells you the most suitable mode, optimal temperature and baking time to help you cook up a wide range of tasty treats. You can control everything using two rotary knobs on the front control panel.

Siguro SO-S350 Glass-Ceramic Stove Inox Is Full of Practical Features

Telescopic extensions allow you to handle baking trays with ease. You can easily keep an eye on what's happening inside the oven—even when the door is closed—thanks to the halogen lighting. This helps you maintain a constant cooking temperature as you don't need to open the door so often. There is also a display with a handy timer for setting the exact baking time and an acoustic alert that lets you know when the time is up.

Uncomplicated Maintenance

The surface of the hob and oven is designed for the easiest possible cleaning. Cleaning the Siguro SO-S350 Glass-Ceramic Stove Inox is further assisted by the easily removable oven glass. At the bottom of the appliance, you'll find a drawer with sufficient space to store pans and baking trays.


Glass ceramic hob

Residual heat indicators

Rapid oven heating to 150°C

11 baking modes

Practical timer

Halogen lighting inside the oven

Recipes on the oven door

Easy removal of oven door glass


Power consumption: 9.5kW

Oven volume: 65 litres

Dimensions: 85 × 50 × 60cm

Weight: 39kg

Cable: yes

Connection: 400V

Power output: 2 × 1200W, 2 × 1700W

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