Siguro Stainless Easy Seal VS210

Extend the lifespan of food with the Stainless Easy Seal VS210, which boasts a vacuum capacity of 5 litres per minute. Vacuum sealing keeps food fresher for significantly longer than storage in a typical plastic food bag. Not only does vacuum sealing food help it stay fresher for longer, but it also helps to retain food's natural colour, aroma and flavour.

About product

The Siguro Stainless Easy Seal VS210 impresses with its easy-to-use control panel with buttons and LED indicators. An integrated cutter helps you precisely adjust film length and there is a compartment to store a film roll inside the sealer. There is even space to store the power cord.

Metal body

Thanks to the metal body, the vacuum sealer is both stylish and durable


Helps you prepare for sous-vide cooking

Film compartment

You can easily store a roll of film directly inside the vacuum sealer

Integrated cutter

You will appreciate the film cutter


Dimensions and weight
1.92 g
40.7 cm
9.2 cm
16.6 cm

Features and functions
Integrated foil holder
Suction power
5 l/min
77 dB
Maximum weld width
30 cm
Suction pressure
0.65 bar
Weld thickness
2 mm
Output power
120 W

welder film

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Wet and dry vacuum sealing

The Siguro Stainless Easy Seal VS210's sleek stainless-steel design enables it to vacuum both dry and moist food. A removable bowl, which collects excess moisture helps to maintain the device. The vacuum sealer is incredibly easy to use with buttons for you to select the mode you require. The Siguro Stainless Easy Seal VS210 seals with a 2mm width and a maximum length of 30cm.

Ideal for sous-vide and marinating

You can also use the vacuum sealer for marinating food and vacuum sealing external containers—everything you need is included in the package. And why not try out a bit of sous-vide cooking? The popular technique involves vacuum sealing food together with spices and then cooking at a low temperature for several hours. Food prepared in this way boasts an unforgettable taste and retains its full nutritional value.

What's in the package?

In addition to the vacuum sealer itself, the package also includes a 28×300cm roll of film made from BPA-free material and a set of hoses for external vacuum packing. The Siguro Stainless Easy Seal VS210 is compatible with bags and films from 0.073 to 0.27mm thick.


Extends the shelf life of food

Integrated film cutter

Simple operation and easy maintenance—a removable bowl collects excess moisture

External vacuum packing

Vacuum packs wet and dry food

The package includes a set of hoses for external vacuum packing and a roll of vacuum film

Compatible with bags and foils 0.073-0.27mm thick


Dimensions: 92 × 166 × 407 mm

Weight: 1.92kg

Cable length: 1.3m

Vacuum pressure: 0.65 bar

Volume:  77dB

Power:  120W

Vacuum capacity:  5l/min

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