Siguro TH-K35 Thermal Vacu-Jug 1500ml Stainless Steel

Enjoy hot coffee or tea at any time of the day—at home or at work—without having to prepare a fresh drink. The Siguro TH-K35 Thermal Vacu-Jug features double-walled insulation and a 1.5-litre capacity that is perfect for sharing with your family or workmates. Prepare your favourite drink and keep it at the optimum temperature all day long. The durable design is made of food-grade stainless steel, which does not leave odours or flavours behind—no matter how many times you use the thermos or what you put inside. What's more, the Thermal Vacu-Jug's stainless-steel and black designlooks great on any kitchen counter or table.

About product

The stainless-steel Siguro TH-K35 Thermal Vacu-Jug boasts superior thermal insulation due to the vacuum between the two walls—it provides far better temperature resistance than ordinary thermal bottles. The Siguro TH-K35 is entirely free of insulating coatings and inserts. It can keep hot drinks hot (up to 70°C) for 12 hours and cold drinks cold (down to 8°C) for 24 hours. If you need further proof of the bottle's quality, you will be pleased to note that it is tested according to the EN 12546 European standard.

Perfect insulation

Thermal kettle with double-walled vacuum insulation

Tested according to EN 12546

Keeps hot drinks hot for 12 hours, cold drinks cold for 24 hours

Easy maintenance

You can safely clean the Vacu-Jug in your dishwasher

Stainless-steel design

Made from food-grade 304 stainless steel


Keeps drink hot for
12 h
707 g
Stainless steel, Plastic
Keeps drink cold for
24 h
Other features
100% sealing, 100% hermetically sealed, double wall, mechanism to prevent unwanted opening, Dishwasher Safe, Vacuum
1500 ml

Thermo bottle

240 mm
135 mm

Stainless steel, Black

Airtight Closure with Lever Mechanism

As the stainless-steel Vacu-Jug comes with a screw cap with a lever mechanism guaranteeing 100% tightness, you don't have to worry about spilling your drink if children knock over the Siguro TH-K35 Vacu-Jug. What's more, the screw cap guarantees a longer service life and reliability compared to a click-on cap. The ergonomic handle makes pouring easy, while the base has a non-slip coating.

The Siguro TH-K35 Vacu-Jug is Made from a Non-Toxic Material

The interior and exterior walls are made of food-grade 304 stainless steel. As a result, the bottle is resistant to corrosion, high temperatures, freezing and mechanical damage. The Siguro TH-K35 Vacu-Jug is free of harmful substances, such as various plasticisers, BPA, BPS and phthalates. You will also appreciate the bottle's easy maintenance—you can wash it safely in the dishwasher.

The product is not suitable for use in the freezer or microwave.


Top-quality stainless-steel thermal vacuum kettle with lever mechanism closure

Vacuum between the two walls guarantees higher temperature resistance than ordinary thermal kettles

As the kettle does not retain odours or flavours, it does not alter the taste of your drink

Interior and exterior walls made from non-toxic stainless steel

Temperature resistance tested according to EN 12546 (12 hours to 70°C and 24 hours to 8°C)

Dishwasher safe—easy maintenance

Screw cap ensures long life and enhanced sealing

Base with non-slip coating and ergonomic handle


Volume: 1.5 litres

Weight: 707g

Dimensions: 135 × 178 × 240mm

Material: 304 stainless steel

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