Siguro AD-D210LW Dainty Sulphur

Create a cosy atmosphere and lift your mood by humidifying the air and beautifully scenting your room with the Siguro AD-D210LW Dainty Sulphur. This elegant aroma diffuser perfectly complements any interior and works in combination with natural essential oils or water to humidify rooms measuring from 20-40m². You will undoubtedly appreciate the whisper-quiet operation that adds to the device's overall feeling of wellbeing. 

About product

The Siguro AD-D210LW Dainty Sulphur aroma diffuser is exceptionally easy to use—just fill the reservoir with 200ml of water and essential oils, then connect it to the mains. There are two control buttons—use the first to set the steam discharge mode to continuous operation, 30-second intervals or automatic shutdown after one or two hours. The second button controls the backlight—you can choose from seven different mood-setting colours or switch it off completely.

Two ways of use

Works with essential oils or water

Simple control

The aroma diffuser is operated with just two buttons

Mood lighting

Choose between seven colours and two intensity levels

Safe product

Thoroughly tested for maximum safety


Operating time
6 h
35 dB
Number of colours
Container volume
200 ml
Brown, Wood imitation
Recommended room size
40 m2
LED backlight, Automatic shutdown, Ultrasound, Aromatherapy, Intensity settings, Timer, Humidifier


Power outlet type
Czechia, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Romania, Russia, Croatia, France, Slovenia, Slovakia

Siguro AD-D210LW Dainty SulphurAlso Works as a Humidifier

If you are not in the mood for aromatherapy, you can use Siguro AD-D210LW Dainty Sulphur as an air humidifier with an output of up to 40ml/h. In the winter months, many households experience problems with dry air caused by heating. The Siguro humidifier softens dry air to create a comfortable living environment.

Create a Pleasant, Cosy and Mindful Atmosphere

As the Siguro AD-D210LW Dainty Sulphur features a backlight with seven different colours and two intensities, it is ideal for creating a relaxing atmosphere in your home. The 200-ml water tank volume is sufficient for up to six hours of operation, while the automatic shut-off function kicks in should the tank run out of water. The package includes a power adapter and a container for refilling water easily.


Beautifully scents the room

Seven backlight colours or switch off the lighting completely

Simple two-button operation


Noiseless operation

Also works as a humidifier

Automatic shutdown function in case the tank runs out of water

Elegant design blends into every interior


Water tank capacity: 200ml

Recommended room size: 20-40m²

Humidification performance: 35-40ml/h

Noise: 35dB

Operation time: up to six hours

Material: ABS and PP

Dimensions: 90 × 90 × 160mm

Cable length: 180 cm

Output power: 9W

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