Siguro Coffee Time for Tassimo, 48 Capsules, Rotatable, Chrome

So, you fell in love with the coffee from Tassimocapsule coffee machines and now you have dozens of capsules causing chaos in your kitchen. What to do? Why not solve this problem in style with the rotating Siguro Coffee Time Stand and put your capsules in order once and for all. With its premium glossy look, the Siguro stand will become a beautiful addition to your kitchen worktop.

About product

As Siguro Coffee Time holds a total of 48 capsules, you won't have to search for them in a box or drawer. It will also save you plenty of space. The stand has three columns, so you can easily sort your coffee by type. What's more, your capsules are incredibly easy to insert at the top and remove from the bottom.

Swivel Design

Easy access to all capsules in the stand

Easy to Use

Capsules are easy to insert and remove

Premium Look

Beautiful glossy finish

Space-Saving Design

Holds up to 48 Tassimo capsules


Stand properties
Capsule Type
Swivel design
Number of capsules
48 ks

Material and dimensions
29.7 cm
Stainless steel
16.8 cm

Premium Design with Top-Quality Materials

The construction of the stand features a stable swivel base that is designed specifically for Tassimocapsules. As a result, your capsules will not get stuck or fall from the stand. Siguro Coffee Time is made using high-quality stainless steel, which makes it strong while retaining stability even when there are more capsules on one column than others. Shiny chrome plating gives the stand its premium glossy look.


Space-saving design holds up to 48 capsules

Premium glossy look

It's sure to become a design feature of your kitchen counter

Easy to insert and remove capsules

Swivel design


Capsule type: Tassimo

Dimensions: 297 × 168 × 168mm

Material: stainless steel

Surface finish: chrome

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