Siguro EM-K42 Barista

Many of us can't imagine starting the day without a perfectly prepared coffee. If you are also a coffee lover, your kitchen counter shouldn't be missing a quality coffee machine. One such machine is the Siguro EM-K42 Barista lever coffee machine, which offers top-notch performance - 20 bar pressure, personalised coffee settings, two cups at once and a steam wand for milk frothing.

About product

Preparing your favourite coffee exactly the way you like it will be a breeze with the Siguro EM-K42 Barista. To achieve the perfect taste and aroma, you need the right water temperature, which is why the coffee machine is equipped with the ThermoBlock system to ensure extra fast water heating. In addition, the correct temperature of water and steam is controlled electronically so that you can't make coffee with water that is too hot or not hot enough.

High-pressure steam wand

Milk frothing has never been easier

Extra fast heating

Thanks to ThermoBlock, the coffee machine is ready in seconds

20 bar pressure

Enjoy coffee with perfect taste and aroma

Metal body

Thanks to the matt stainless steel finish, it looks great and is easy to clean


Water tank volume
1 l
Power consumption
1450 W
Pump pressure
20 bar
Stainless steel

General functions
Hot water function, Automatic shutdown, Prepares two cups at once
Maintenance and cleaning functions
Descaling/cleaning needed indicator

Dimensions and weight
Maximum height of cup space
12 cm
31.5 cm
30.5 cm
36 kg
14 cm

Water heating system
Single thermal block
Water source
Water container

Stainless steel

Power outlet type
Poland, Slovenia, Russia, Romania, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, France, Croatia, Austria, Czechia

Coffee Maker Type


3D model + AR model in Android app, 3D model + AR model in iOS app

Special event
Special event
AlzaPlus membership

General accessories
Water container
User interface
Manual buttons
Milk rationing
Steam nozzle, Additional milk whisk
Beverage preparation
Height Adjustable Stand, Cup warming

Experience Moments of Pleasure with the Siguro EM-K42 Barista

In addition to the coffee machine itself, the package also includes two strainers - one for preparing one cup and the other for preparing two cups of coffee simultaneously or a double espresso. You fill the sieves with freshly ground coffee, put them in the machine, press the button and then just enjoy your perfectly prepared coffee. You can also easily adjust the size of the portion of your freshly brewed coffee and the pre-steaming function allows for better development of the aroma and flavour of the coffee.

Prepare a Delicious Caffè Latte or Cappuccino

The Siguro EM-K42 Barista lever coffee machine is equipped with a high-pressure steam nozzle that allows you to prepare your favourite milky coffee specialities. The adjustable nozzle perfectly mixes steam, air and milk to create a rich and fluffy milk foam. With the Siguro EM-K42 Barista, you can prepare e.g. cappuccino or caffè latte, just like at your favourite coffee shop. You will appreciate that the steam wand can also be used as a hot water dispenser.

The Siguro EM-K42 Barista Offers Premium Enjoyment and the Best Comfort

The Siguro EM-K42 Barista with 1,450 W, ThermoBlock, electronic temperature control and personal coffee portion size setting is ready to use in seconds - no waiting. The removable 1litree water tank is easy to clean and fill with water. The coffee jar can be up to 12cm high thanks to the removable drip tray. The top of the coffee machine offers space that keeps the cups warm.

Premium Design and Very Easy Maintenance

Siguro EM-K42 Barista The Siguro EM-K42 also impresses with its premium metal construction with a fingerprint-resistant matt stainless steel finish - the lever coffee machine will inevitably become a highlight of any modern kitchen. With a removable water tank, drip tray with fill indicator or stainless steel steam nozzle, maintenance and cleaning of the Siguro EM-K42 Barista is very easy and takes only a little time off your coffee drinking. There is also an automatic shut-off function.


Premium matte stainless steel look with a fingerprint-resistant finish

20 bar pressure pump - for coffee with a rich aroma

Smart preheating function

Thermoblock technology for extra fast heating

Electronically controlled water and steam temperature

Cup warming point

Removable water tank

Removable drip tray allows the use of taller cups

High-Pressure Milk Frother

Personal coffee settings

Easy maintenance


Power consumption: 1,450 W

Pressure: 20 bar

Dimensions: 304 × 139 × 314 mm

Water tank capacity: 1l

Height of the glass: max. 12cm

Preparation of two cups at the same time: yes

The cable length: 1.2 m

Water tank capacity: 1 litre

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