Siguro Essentials Plus Series, Black

Even though ironing is one of the most unpopular household activities, there are ways to make it more enjoyable. Alongside a premium-quality iron, you should also need a top-of-the-range ironing board in your arsenal. And this is where the Siguro Essentials Plus Series Ironing Board steps up to the plate. With adjustable height, a storage area for your iron, an extra-high load capacity and a practical cable holder, you may even start looking forward to your weekly ironing sessions. 

About product

The Siguro Essentials Plus Series ironing board is equipped with extendable legs that provide extra-high stability and a load capacity of up to 40 kg. A very nice benefit is the adjustable height ranging from 67.5 to 91cm that ensures perfect ergonomics during ironing.


Extendable legs make the board ultra-stable

Load capacity

Solid steel construction allows for loads up to 40kg

7mm padding thickness

Instead of traditional foam, we opted for more durable felt

Clothes hangers

You can hang clothes hangers on the ironing board


Maximum height
675 mm
Minimum height
910 mm
Height of foam
7 mm
Holder iron, Storage area for ironed laundry, Cable holder, adjustable height

Size of ironing area
122 cm
38 cm

Large Ironing Area

The 122×38cm ironing surface provides plenty of space for handling laundry. Instead of classic foam, the entire ironing surface is filled with 7mm of felt that prevents the iron from being pushed through during use. There is also a storage area for the iron with silicone elements and the possibility of hanging clothes hangers.

Exceptionally High-Quality Design

The Siguro Essentials Plus Series ironing board features a handy holder that keeps your iron's cord out of harm's way during use. As Siguro has put their ironing board through thorough testing, including extensive anti-corrosion tests, they are happy to guarantee an extra-long service life.


High stability and load capacity

Height adjustable up to 91cm

7mm thick felt filling

Large storage area with possibility to hang clothes hangers

Tested for corrosion resistance


Dimensions of the iron storage area: 32×22cm

Dimensions of the ironing surface: 122×38cm

Material: steel, plastic and cotton

Surface finish: powder coating

Load capacity: 40kg

Weight: 5.7kg

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