Siguro SGR-WB-M645SU Deluxe, with 45l inner container

Dispose of your rubbish in a stylish and above all hygienic way. With the Siguro SGR-WB-M645SU Deluxe Touchless Bin, you won't have to touch the lid anymore. The non-contact opening minimises the risk of spreading bacteria and viruses - making the handling of rubbish much more hygienic. What's more, you don't have to touch the basket at all and it opens whenever you need it. The basket is equipped with a motion sensor with a range of up to 25 cm, so you just need to approach it and the lid will open automatically. This waste bin has an odour filter and a removable inner container with a capacity of 40 litres.

About product

Even a trash can become a decoration of the room where it is placed. The Siguro SGR-WB-M645SU Deluxe impresses with a beautiful matte stainless steel finish with a fingerprint-resistant finish. Of course there is an anti-slip base, thanks to which it will always stay in place as nailed.

Stainless steel design

Beautiful fingerprint-resistant finish

Motion sensor

Just approach to a distance of 25 cm and the basket opens


Lid closes automatically after 5 seconds

Removable container

40-litre plastic container allows the waste bag to be securely attached


40 l
Antibacterial, Removable inner container, Fingerprint-free surface, Soft Close
Method of opening
Contactless, Touch
Number of containers
1 ks

Battery capacity
2000 mAh
Battery type
Li-ion charging, Built-in charging

65 cm
40 cm
27 cm

Plastic, Stainless steel, Tin, Steel, Plastic, Metal, Steel


An easy and hygienic way to dispose of waste

When you get in the sensor area (15-25 cm) with rubbish or a body part, the lid automatically lifts. A timer is then started and if no further movement is detected by the sensor, the lid closes again after 5 seconds. Thanks to the LED indicators, you can see perfectly how many seconds are left before the lid closes. The Siguro SGR-WB-M645SU Deluxe Touchless Bin is also equipped with practical touch buttons that allow you to open and close the lid yourself according to your needs.

The Siguro SGR-WB-M645SU Deluxe waste bin offers practical solutions

The Siguro SGR-WB-M645SU Deluxe is equipped with a 40-litre plastic inner bin that is removable, making it easy not only to empty the bin but also to change the waste bag. This touchless waste bin includes a carbon odour filter (2 pcs in the pack) which captures unpleasant odours from the waste. We recommend changing the filter every three months. The easy carrying of the bin is then facilitated by the recessed side handles.

Battery powered - no more battery changes

The bin is powered by an integrated rechargeable battery that promises to last up to 6,000 openings and closings. To recharge the battery, simply move the top to the socket or charge directly on the basket, which you can continue to use. For your maximum convenience, we've included USB-A > Micro USB cable 150 cm long (requires AC adapter). With the Siguro SGR-WB-M645SU Deluxe Touchless Bin, you can say goodbye to the unsanitary lifting of the lid and enjoy a clean kitchen.


Touchless opening minimises the risk of spreading bacteria and viruses

Motion sensor for automatic opening and closing of the lid

Battery power supply

Odour filter (2× in the package)

Practical timer with LED indicators

Touch buttons to manually open or close the lid

Modern matt stainless steel with anti-fingerprint finish

Removable plastic container

Easy attachment of the waste bag

Non-slip base


Volume of removable container: 40 litres

Power supply: 3.7 V / 0.3 A

Accumulator: Li-Ion, 2,000 mAh, 1.2 W

Battery life: up to 6 000 opening and closing

Timer: 5 seconds

Sensor detection distance: 15-25 cm

Dimensions: 40 × 65 × 27 mm

Container dimensions: 36 × 57 × 23 cm

Weight: 5,15 kg

Charging cable: USB-A > Micro USB (150 cm)

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