Siguro SK-R360W Pure Beauty Rianne

Are you one of those women who conscientiously take care of their skin?If so, then the Siguro SK-R360W Pure Beauty Rianne Oscillating Cleansing Brush with soft and flexible bristles should not be missed in your beauty kit for everyday cleansing.The device works on the principle of high-frequency vibration, which makes it much gentler on your skin and reduces the risk of mechanical skin irritation compared to classic brushes with rotating heads.The cleaning brush has LED lighting, a timer and is waterproof according to IPX7 standard - you can use it in the shower or wash it under running water without any worries.

About product

The Siguro SK-R360W Pure Beauty Rianne cleansing brush has very simple controls.With a single button, you can select one of the two vibration intensities on offer for effective and gentle cleaning.

Two levels of vibration

Use the button to select the optimum vibration speed

LED lighting

For better visibility during cleaning

Waterproof IPX7

The cleaning brush can also be used safely in the shower

Ergonomic design

The device is comfortable to hold and easy to handle


173 mm
48 mm
47 mm

Package contents
Package contents
Case, Cleaning brush, Instructions, Stand, Attachments
Number of attachments
2 ks

Automatic shutdown, Timer
Number of modes
Waterproofing, Ergonomic shape, Intensity settings


Skin cleansing, Skin cleansing, Skin rejuvenation, Wrinkle reduction, Skin Firming

Adapter material
Body material

Power supply
AA (Pencil)
Type of power source

Number of batteries
2 ks

Mechanic, Vibration, Photon, Brush

150 g

And how to use the Siguro SK-R360W Pure Beauty Rianne Cleansing Brush properly?

1. Wet your face and evenly coat the areas to be cleansed with a small amount of cleansing gel or cream.

2. Press the button to switch on the toothbrush and select the vibration intensity.

3. The brush then runs for 2 minutes, and every 20 seconds it pauses for 1 second to alert you that the brush needs to be moved to a different spot on your face.

4. Treat the face with gentle circular movements from the inside out.

5. After 2 minutes of operation, the toothbrush automatically switches off and the lights go out (can be switched off at any time by pressing the button).

Treat yourself to professional skin care in the comfort of your own home

The circular head with soft and flexible bristles guarantees perfect cleansing of the skin, which is also extremely gentle - it does not overburden or damage the skin in any way.The Siguro SK-R360W Pure Beauty Rianne is equipped with practical LED lighting, so you can see the treatment area perfectly and not miss anything.

The Siguro SK-R360W Pure Beauty Rianne is small and compact

Thanks to its small size, low weight and ergonomic handle shape, the cleaning brush is perfectly handled, and it is also compact and space-saving.The Siguro SK-R360W Pure Beauty Rianne is powered by two AA batteries.You will of course find these in the package together with a spare cleaning head and stand.


Cleaning brush for everyday skin care

Vibration technology - cleaning by high frequency vibration

Soft and flexible bristle brush for perfect cleansing of the skin

Thanks to vibration, gentle care is guaranteed and the risk of mechanical skin irritation is reduced

IPX7 - can also be used in the shower or washed under running water

Two levels of vibration intensity

In the package:2× AA batteries, spare head and stand


Input voltage: 3 V⎓ (2× 1.5 V AA batteries)

Output power: 1,8 W

Timer: 2 minutes

Dimensions: 48 × 47 × 173 mm

Weight: 150g

Coverage: IPX7

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