Siguro Whisky set Locus, decanter + 2 glasses

With the original Siguro Locus whisky set with decanter and two glasses, you can take sipping your favourite whisky to a whole Now level. The beautiful glasses have a wide Nock that allows the full development of the aroma and the release of all the flavours. The Siguro Locus set is made of traditional Czech crystal, which is characterized by high durability and shiNo. In addition, the carafe and glasses are made directly in the Czech Republic - by purchasing them you will support local producers.

About product

The Siguro Locus whisky set is made with love, tradition and exceptional care in the Czech Republic. Both the carafe and the glass are unique in their own way and you will immediately fall in love with them thanks to their fascinating design.

Local product

Whisky set is made in the Czech Republic

Made with tradition

The rich history and tradition of Czech glass

Traditional Czech crystal

The Siguro Locus glass and decanter are characterized by high durability

High gloss

High refractive silica glass will amaze you with its brilliance


Dishwasher safe
Transparent, clear

Number of pieces in package
Number of pieces in package
3 ks

Glass type
Low glass, With jug / carafe
Intended use
Whiskey liqor

Siguro Locus are made of high quality Czech crystal with high gloss

For the production of the whisky set, traditional Czech crystal was chosen - highly silicate glass, which is characterized by exceptional strength and resistance to breakage. Thanks to the high refractive index of light, the Siguro Locus whisky glass and decanter boast a high gloss.

Highly transparent glass with original pattern

You will certainly appreciate the perfect transparency of the crystal, no matter what you fill the carafe or glass with, the colour of the drink will Nover be distorted and you will be able to enjoy it with everything. The package includes a 700 ml carafe and two glasses, whose unique design you will immediately love.


Local product - made in the Czech Republic

No-height: inherit;">Made of traditional Czech crystal

No-height: inherit;">Crystal is a highly silicate glass with high strength and brilliance

Perfect transparency - does not change the colour of the drink

No-height: inherit;">Suitable for whisky, water and juice

The package includes a decanter and two glasses


No-height: inherit;">Volume of the glass/carafe: 240 / 700 ml

No-height: inherit;">Material: lead crystal

No-height: inherit;">Production technique: pressing

No-height: inherit;">Dimensions of the glass/carafe: 74 × 74 × 95 / 87 × 87 × 221 mm

No-height: inherit;">Dishwasher safe: No

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